An Indepth Review of Jasper AI Writing Software

Do you need help writing engaging, persuasive copy for your ads? Do you want to get more conversions on your website? If so, then this is the blog post for you. In it, we will take an in-depth look at and what it can do for your business. We’ll discuss how it works and why it’s beneficial to use AI in content marketing.

What is Jasper ai exactly?

Jasper ai, is an AI-powered platform that uses GPT-3 technology to help you generate high-quality content as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can use this copywriting tool to help you create original, accurate, and non-plagiarized copy for your ad copy, emails, websites, and a whole lot more. It also comes with a one-click translator to make your content available in 11 languages.

Jasper offers a free 5-day trial and 14-day money-back guarantee so you can get started without risk!

What Can Jasper Do For You? is an innovative company that has been built for solving the big problem facing content writers today: writer’s block! This AI-powered tool will help you write clever, original copy in minutes by using a number of different prompts to generate ideas for your next piece or project.

  • Jasper can provide short-form copy for ads and longer-form content for blog posts, web pages, and even books.
  • The software can provide blog post ideas, product descriptions, sentence expansion, email copy, help with video scripts and even help you respond to Quora questions.
  • Designed as an easy-to-use tool that will save you time.
  • A perfect solution for those looking to get more creative content without spending hours searching the web.
  • Perfect for small business owners looking to generate content.
  • For bloggers who need help with their next blog post, or entrepreneurs in need of a little creative copywriting inspiration.
  • Takes the strain off freelancers and will save you hours!

Jasper ai Writing Features and How They Work

The Jasper AI writing app currently comes with 39+ pre-built writing templates or content building blocks that are tailored to help you write specific content. We’ll provide a short summary of how each template type works.

Long-Form Writing Assistant

This is for longer articles, emails, scripts, and stories. It has two modes. One is a blank mode where you can type freely and the other mode asks you to describe the content that you want to create. The blank mode also lets you access the other writing templates vertically. The better you are able to articulate your topic, the better Jasper will help generate a better quality of content.

Description of content – This is the most important step in helping Jasper understand what you want to write about. The quality of your input determines the quality of the output. Jasper also asks for a maximum of three keywords.

Title – Next, Jasper prompts you to write a relevant title. Once you write your initial title, it will generate other creative title ideas.

Intro Paragraph – This is where you write your own intro or let Jasper help you generate ideas.

Framework Templates

AIDA Framework: The AIDA template stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This basically divides your copy into sections drawing attention from consumers and piquing their interest. The suggested copy also includes content that appeals to the consumer’s desire, then ends with a call to action.

PAS Framework: The PAS template is structured by generating copy that highlights the consumer’s Problem, Agitate, and Solution. It’s focused on how a particular product will help solve people’s problems.

Bridge-After-Bridge Framework: Also known as the BAB framework, this copywriting structure revolves around the idea of getting a consumer from a bad place to a better one. It shows the before and after scenario after benefitting from a product.

Product Description

The app comes with a special template for writing descriptions of your products. If you have a large inventory of product information for rewriting, this is the right tool to use. It even comes with a language translation feature, which is available in other templates too.

Content Improver

The Jasper ai content improver template can be used to tweak product or service descriptions that need improving or rewriting. This template allows you to augment the tone of voice for the output you’re generating eg. casual, professional, funny, and excited.

Tip: Jasper likes following patterns. So if you’re writing funny content using short, choppy sentences, and hit compose, Jasper will be likely to match the style and tone of your content. Then continue writing funny content in short, choppy sentences.

Jasper Features

Blog Post Templates

Jasper ai provides AI-enhanced blogging templates that help you brainstorm topic ideas and outline your content for any type of post imaginable. It also comes with features that help compose blog post introductions and conclusions.

  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Blog Post Outline
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph
  • Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph

These templates are perfect for anyone who struggles with the process of outlining blog posts.

The Jasper ai templates are easy to use and come in an assortment of formats including outlines, prompts, topics ideas, and more. Simply select your desired template from the dashboard and get started writing!

Creative Story

Jasper writes creative stories to engage your readers. These stories are more than just a story, they are deliciously creative and leave you wanting more!

Write out an outline of the creative story or plot you want Jasper to write – and the more details, the better.

For example, I want to write a story about two aliens that chase each other around space. One alien gets captured by an enemy spaceship but escapes because it’s equipped with invisibility technology.

Another example: I want Jasper Ai to Create a Creative Story…  About a Shakespear’s classic play with a fairytale twist…

Include any relevant instructions for how you would like Jasper to create the story. The results are astounding!

Jasper ai Copyscape
Jasper Facebook Ads Template

Explain It To A Child

Jasper AI simplifies even the most complicated text so that it is clear and easy to read. Simply input the text you want Jasper Ai to rephrase, decide on the grade level you want the text rewritten for, then hit Compose!

Sentence Expander

Jasper AI has a sentence expander that allows you to input up to 20 words. The software then expands your text with synonyms based on the selected words.

This is helpful for increasing vocabulary when writing or expanding paragraphs of content but also helps keep copywriting fresh. 

The headline and Sub-Headline Templates

These templates can be used when trying to come up with high-converting headlines that are relevant to your post. Simply input an idea for the headline. Then set up any parameters and preferences you want and Jasper will provide you with five options based on your specifications!

Website Sub-Headline – Creative headline writing is one of Jasper’s favorite things. Jasper will suggest a sub-headline based on what you type into the main headline.

Email Subject Lines also has some creative writing tools that come in handy for businesses or individuals looking to promote their products and services via email marketing. With a click of your mouse, you can create a compelling email subject line that will get readers to open up your emails. All the hard work of coming up with catchy headlines is done for you!

Marketing Angles

Besides creating copywriting content, has a brainstorming tool. This is a very handy tool for those who are in the business of marketing and advertising. Jasper analyzes your industry, target audience, competitors/similar products or services to come up with promotional ideas that will work well for you. If you’re having difficulty coming up with original ideas to market your product or service, this feature can help you out by leveraging your product’s features and strengths.

Persuasive Bullet Points

Another superb tool is the persuasive bullet points template. It is used to emphasize product advantages in bullet points which keeps your content appealing and easy to read.

Personalized Cold Emails

This template writes cold emails that actually work and get responses. The copywriting ensures your message is concise, clear, persuasive–and most importantly, effective!

The first step is to briefly describe your product (in less than 600 words) by using the “Input” text.  By adding more context, you give Jasper a better idea of what you are looking for (“I am sending this email because…”). Lastly, input the tone of voice to match the style of your content.

The email template generates 3 versions of copy to choose from (without needing an extensive editing process afterward), which saves both time AND money.

On-Page SEO Templates – Title & Meta Descriptions

Jasper will generate SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions for blog posts to rank well on Google. Specify the company/product name, the blog post title, and a blog post description that includes keywords. This includes optimizing metatags for blog posts, homepage, product page, and services page.

  • SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • SEO – Homepage – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • SEO – Product Page – Title and Meta Descriptions
  • SEO – Services Pages – Title and Meta Descriptions

Personal & Company Bio

Creating a personal or company bio can be challenging, even if you’re not trying to write about yourself. Jasper offers creative solutions for those who are looking for new ideas and want something that is fresh and original. I was surprised by the suggestions from my AI assistant because they were better than anything I had come up with myself!

Real Estate Listing

With this handy industry-based template, Jasper will help you create detailed and descriptive real estate listings about your home. This makes it more interesting and engaging.

Pinterest Pin Title & Description

Tell Jasper about your pin, include your keywords, and hit the generate AI content button! Again, Jasper is a clever little robot that will make your headlines and descriptions more engaging and SEO-friendly.

Engaging Questions

The template provides engaging questions and ideas for you to ask your target audience. Jasper explores your topic creatively and churns out numerous interesting questions. On experimenting with this feature, I was truly amazed at the incredible and unique ideas that were generated. All of them were relevant and would make excellent topics for future posts.

Quora Answers

For anyone who does not know what ‘Quora Answers’ is, it’s a way for people on Quora to receive feedback from professionals in their field of expertise. Jasper can help find the answers you need for anything. The software uses a complex system to answer any questions that need an intelligent response. You just type in what you want to know and Jasper finds the information for you.

Templates for Specific Online Platforms

Jasper has been trained to put together posts and ads that have generated high traffic on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and Amazon platforms. This content generator helps you create something new with its suggestions. These ideas are based on the type of post or ad that has received high engagement in these popular social media channels! It’s also a fast way to come up with catchy, fresh ideas for ad copy.

  • Facebook Ad Headline: Makes catchy headlines for FB ads, which helps to increase the chances of clicks that lead to sales.
  • Facebook Ad Primary Text: Helps to generate high converting copy for FB ad’s primary text section.
  • Photo Post Captions for Instagram: This template will help make your photo captions creative with suggestions that are simple and catchy for Instagram.
  • Video Writing Templates for YouTube: Jasper offers specialized templates for videos aimed primarily at platforms like YouTube. It features video topic ideas, video script outlines, and video titles. Jasper comes up with unique insights that set your content apart from what’s already there.

Jasper x Surfer SEO Integration

Is your content struggling to rank? If so, Surfer SEO may be just what you need. Once you have signed up for Surfer SEO, you can use the integrated version of Surfer inside the text editor and immediately start:

  • Writing quality content with less effort
  • Using Surfer guidelines with content written by Jasper (your AI writing assistant)
  • Delivering more optimized content for yourself and your clients

This is the future of content marketing, and Surfer SEO is a top-notch SEO optimization tool. This integration is big and will be helping marketers to the next level of content optimization.

**To use the Surfer x Conversion AI integration, you need an active Surfer subscription and Jasper AI Pro account.

Surfer SEO Jarvis integration Pricing and Plans

There are currently two paid plans which are;

  • Starter (great for writing short copies)
  • Boss Mode (excellent option for writing stories, blog posts, product reviews, and more)

The Starter plan is the cheapest pricing plan from Jasper AI as it only costs $29 per month ($24/mo when billed annually) and it goes all the way up to $499 per month where you can create up to 20,000 words per month (with $29/mo plan) and 1 million words per month (with $499/mo plan). 

You can also purchase a bonus pack which is worth $10 for 5000 words (if you reach the limit).

Boss Mode pricing starts at $59 per month ($49/mo when billed annually) and goes all the way up to $3600 per month where you can generate up to 50,000 words (with $59/mo plan) and 5 million words (with $3600/mo) plans respectively. 

You can also purchase a bonus pack which is worth $40 for generating up to 30,000 words (in case you reach the word limit).

Try Jasper AI 5-Day FREE Trial Now!

** doesn’t limit your access to copywriting templates based on different plans. You’re allowed to get access to 39+ short-skill copywriting templates even if you purchased a Starter plan that costs $29 per month. The Starter plan is affordable for most users.

There is a free trial to test the Jarvis AI for yourself before deciding if it’s right for your needs! Sign up today and get started without any risk.

Boss Mode

Who Should go for the Boss Mode?

The Boss Mode from Jasper is great for;

  • Bloggers and website owners who want to create detailed articles
  • Affiliate marketers who want to write product reviews including Amazon product descriptions
  • Book writers who want to write stories, novels, etc
  • Or anyone who wants to create in-depth and high-quality content.

Save 16% (2 Months FREE) On Annual Plans

Want to save more on Jasper pricing plans?

Then, go with the annual plans from Jasper as you can get a FLAT 16% discount on their pricing packages.

New Features

Long Form Language Options: Now you can set the document language when creating a new document in the Long Form Assistant.

Recipes: Jasper will now generate a list of recipes for your document.

Lists: Lists are now generated automatically in the Long Form Assistant; all you have to do is add your items and go!

FAQ Related to

Who is Jasper ai good for?

Jasper AI is best for anyone who writes on the internet, in any capacity. Bloggers, marketers, and copywriters will find it especially helpful when conducting market research, finding content ideas, or generating numerous blog post drafts. Entrepreneurs and small business people can use the app to help them craft successful pitches that resonate with their audience.

I’m a blogger. Will Jasper help me with my blog posts?

Yes! You can use Jasper to find content ideas, generate post drafts, and conduct market research when publishing on your blog or social media channels.

What kind of marketers will benefit from using the app?

Any type of marketer who regularly writes online will benefit from Jasper: marketers, agencies, bloggers, and more.

What is the difference between this app and other AI-based software?

Jasper is different because it’s not just about generating ideas; it helps you create content with a variety of tools that are easy to use for any level of writer. It also offers many different ways to improve your copywriting skills.

Is Jasper ai worth the price?

Yes, Jasper is worth the price and offers a lot of value. The app comes with plenty of features that will help you create better content in less time.

What if I don’t like the AI or it doesn’t work for me?

Jasper offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

What is the tone of voice tool?

The tone of voice tool is programmed with artificial technology to help you customize the content for your audience. From funny to informative, inspiring, or witty – Jasper has a template that fits your needs!

Does it generate plagiarised content?

No, Jasper is fully original and generates content that passes plagiarism tests with 99.99% original content that is free and clear for publication.

Does Jasper ai offer a lifetime deal?

No, Jasper doesn’t offer any lifetime deals.

Are there any Jasper ai alternatives?

There are many alternatives such as CopySmith,, Snazzy AI, and Writesonic.

Does Jasper work in other languages?

Jasper can read, write, and translate in over 25 languages including Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Chinese.

You will require the pro unlimited plan to access all these languages.

Does Jasper ai offer a supportive community?

Yes, Jasper offers a super supportive and very active FaceBook community where you can get advice from other writers who use the app.

Does Jasper ai offer a discount?

No, Jasper doesn’t offer any coupon code or discount but we have partnered with the folks at to give you 10,000 free words generation credits when you sign up through our partner link.

Is Training Provided?

The Jasper website is very informative and offers a lot of helpful resources including videos with tutorials, FAQs, testimonials, customer stories, and more. It’s worth taking the time to browse through their site before you buy – it will help you decide whether or not this app is right for your needs. 

Although I have not yet used the help desk, I’m glad to know it’s there! Testimonials has been nothing but a positive experience so far and I’m not the only one who thinks that! There are 850+ almost all 5-star reviews, too—just look at these testimonials and reviews for yourself!

My Personal Experience with Jasper ai: Would I recommend this software?

I’ve always wanted more creativity when it came down to composing stories as well as improving my copywriting skills for marketing. So when I heard about and how it can automate the process of content creation for me – well, needless to say, I had to try. I jumped straight in and bought the Boss Mode Plan. Jasper and I have been inseparable ever since. After a short learning curve and a few training videos I was ready to use Jasper for my own content.

What I really love about the app is that you can use it to generate ideas and then make changes as necessary. The perfect headline and content improvers are my favorite features and the ones I use the most.

While it may seem like AI writing technology is taking over, you still need to edit your content. Jasper will help you structure your outline and compose a post but what creativity comes from this type of software depends largely on the quality of your input.

I recommend this software because of its ease of use and its many features that help you create high-quality content. The app has improved my productivity, increased my conversions, and saved me hours of time spent brainstorming clever headlines and ideas.

I’ve been using Jasper for a few months now and have seen some amazing results so far. What can I say? This app is worth every penny!

There is a free trial to test the Jarvis AI for yourself before deciding if it’s right for your needs! Sign up today and get started without any risk.

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