Self Promotion at Work: Stand Out For Success

What does it cost you if you claim credit for something you have achieved? Nothing at all, and it can actually open up opportunities. However, many of us are afraid to take credit for our successes as it feels uncomfortable. We may feel we will be seen as bragging or tooting our own horn. To master self-promotion at work, check out these techniques geared toward helping you build confidence that projects high self-esteem and will make others pay attention.

Self-Promotion to Stand Out for Success

A person who is good at self-promotion enjoys taking credit for his or her valid accomplishments. Self-promotion is an art. It is an effective leadership skill. It can be learned, which is great news for those who are not comfortable with it.

Self-promotion is a skill that can be significantly improved with practice and application. It is not showing off. Speaking up about accomplishments made and contributions you can deliver does not mean you are egocentric or self-absorbing.

Symptoms of Poor Self-Promotion

These symptoms can be related to our feelings of self-worth, but other aspects can have an effect too. How we were raised and the expectations put on us in our formative years can greatly influence our relationship with ‘going public.’ Many families, societies, and cultures express disapproval with an outward expression that is considered healthy or even admirable in others.

  • You do not take credit for your success

Is this you? You work hard, you go the extra mile and deliver beyond others expectations. However, you do not take credit for your success. Instead, you allow others (especially with seniority or longer tenure at work) to be recognized.

  • Sharing the credit

You do not use ‘I’ but ‘we.’ You share the credit for your own diligent effort among your peers, groups, teams, and other people, which does not necessarily help you, particularly when it comes to your career. This makes you feel good at the time, but you may regret doing so later and wish you had been able to confidently claim the achievement as your own.

  • Hoping your achievements are noticed

You tell yourself that great work sells itself, so there is no need for showing off your outstanding performance. You hope that the right people will notice your achievements. After all, it was you who did all the hard work.

  • Downplay your achievements

When someone compliments you for your achievements, you feel that you are just lucky and thank the universe for making it happen, rather than thanking yourself for your efforts and skills.

  • Staying in your comfort zone

To promote yourself is to take a risk, putting yourself out there for others to judge. You fear failure and avoid risk.

Fear of Self-promotion

Promote Yourself The Right Way

Self-promotion is one of the strongest skills found in successful individuals. Being able to self-promote has many advantages. It is vital to personal advancement, and if done well can place you in top positions within your workplace.

Here are some ways to effectively promote yourself without being self-obsessed.

1. Be Self Aware

Self-awareness is important to successful self-promotion. It is about knowing your attitudes, values, behaviour, beliefs, feelings, and other personality factors. Take some time for self-reflection to understand why you think and act as you do. Question any beliefs or behaviours that are not supporting the actions you know you need to take. If you are self-aware, you can promote in an intellectual manner.

2. Tell A Story

We all have stories to tell, so if you tell them, make sure they are interesting and provide value. Ensure that your stories are appropriate to the achievement. Don’t embellish, but don’t be self-deprecating either.

3. Deliver The Goods

Deliver, and don’t make empty promises. Do what you say you will. You deserve merit if any achievement is truly yours to claim. Focus on ‘showing’ what you have done, rather than ‘telling’ what you will do. At work, it is easier to lead your team if your members see you fulfilling your responsibilities. Walk the talk so you can self-promote unashamedly.

4.  Help Others Too

Show genuine appreciation and recognition if your efforts are not yours alone. There may have been individuals who contributed along the way. By showing genuine appreciation and gratitude to others, you will make them feel valuable too.

Treating the Fear of Self-Promotion

Sometimes the fear of self-promotion is deeply rooted in other fears or beliefs about yourself. If your fear is limiting your life, or you are unable to work through it on your own, consider seeking treatment. A therapist can help you sort out the issues involved in your fear and develop a treatment plan to overcome them.

Affirmations to build your self-worth are simple but powerful statements that can help change your thinking. Read or recite your affirmations at least once a day, preferably more.

The fear of self-promotion can be challenging, but with hard work and a bit of help, there is no reason that you should continue to suffer.

Wrapping up

Self-promotion is not always easy, especially in the workplace, which is why it can feel awkward, braggartly and just plain wrong. For some people, it is way outside of their comfort zone.

However, the right way of promoting yourself has many advantages and can be life-changing. Effective self-promotion has helped many individuals unlock their true potential, overcome their weaknesses, and stand out from the crowd.

If you still don’t feel comfortable tooting your own horn, that’s your choice. But realize that if you don’t talk up your accomplishments, you not only decrease your chances of getting promoted but also decrease your chances of hanging onto your job.

Are you now ready to begin promoting your achievements, as they deserve?

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